Helping You Thrive In The New Found Business Era

Specializing In
  • Operational Strengthening Focused on Growth
  • Payroll Management through Thomson Reuters “My Pay Solutions”
  • 2014 “Affordable Health Care Act” Positioning — Including Strategy and Tactic Development Based On Individual Business Needs
  • Cost Control Management (Labor, Food Cost, Human Resources, Building and Equipment, Workers’ Compensation, Lease and Purchase Agreements, Natural Resource Management)
  • New Business Development and New Unit Opening Strategies and Tactics Including Lease Agreement Negotiations
  • Marketing Including Website Development, Graphic Design, SEO Management and Social Media
  • Menu Planning and Graphic Design
  • Leadership Development and Talent Pipeline Growth
  • Recruiting Services for both Management and Hourly Employees
  • Human Resources, Salary and Bonus Structure and Benefits Management
  • Employee Policy Handbook Development
  • Building, Equipment, Landscape and Creative Site Development

The purpose of CCRM is to strengthen the position of current business ownership as well as assist them in growing their businesses through operations optimization, leadership development and recruitment, cost control management, sales growth, and new unit development.

With the impending changes needed in relation to the “Affordable Care Act” there has never been a time where more need has been present to position ownership to not only be successful but grow in a new found era of business — this need is especially present in the hospitality and retail sectors as they both rely heavily on part-time and seasonal employment.

CCRM brings first-in-class experience, with a proven track record of success, as well as an innovative and creative approach to making your business successful, viable, and vibrant in today’s business world. Carver Consulting and Resource Management has positioned itself with strong business relationships with leading vendors in the realms of labor and food cost management as well as talent pipelining and training. Mr. Carver will drive your business through an integrity-based approach that involves a network of experts in all related professional sectors.