About Mr. Carver

Mr. Carver has recently worked in a wide variety of scenarios including upscale restaurants, nightclubs, casual dining restaurants and sports bars.

Robert worked on several aspects of each business based on their individual needs that included:

  • Developing employee policy handbooks
  • Recruiting and hiring management as well as hourly employees
  • Developed job descriptions for all positions of management and hourly employees
  • Developed employment agreements for management hires
  • Researched and negotiated salary and bonus structures for salaried management
  • Implemented new payroll systems resulting in marked savings and no additional work
  • Taught leadership tactics and developed management skill through one on one coaching sessions
  • Implemented automated and technically sound labor management programs
  • Developed and designed new menus
  • Implemented new websites and social media presence
  • Generated original financial strategies based on need and implemented a specific and focused set of tactics to overcome financial shortcomings and strengthen financial positioning
  • Developed and implemented profitable creative marketing plans
  • Originated specific business plans that were very aggressively growth based and also assisted in expansion of enterprises across similar and expanded markets

In addition to his most recent work, Mr. Carver was employed by Darden Restaurants, Inc. for 16 years and most recently held the title of Director of Operations.

Over the 16-year span Mr. Carver was charged with several large pilot projects as well as simultaneously running a specific set of restaurants across North America (US and Canada). Mr. Carver has worked in several markets and understands the importance of understanding individual circumstances. He has personal experience working in: Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Calgary, AB, and Toronto, ON.

Mr. Carver’s most recent responsibilities and accomplishments:

  • Directly accountable for 9 restaurants in Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri. He also worked on a special project for 3 restaurants in the Calgary, AB market as well as projects in Milwaukee, WI, Minneapolis, MN, and Denver, CO. Average annual unit sales equated $4.5M-$5.5M
  • Provided simultaneous leadership to 36+ General Managers, Managers and 1,200+ employees
  • Piloted the opening of Red Lobster’s first ever “Brand Delivery” new restaurant relocation opening model. This initiative required significant innovative and creative skills. Many of Mr. Carver’s innovative strategies and tactics are now the model for future restaurant openings across all three large brands at Darden.
  • Lowered Employee turnover to record low of 51%, a 95% reduction
  • Lowered Management turnover to record low of 3%, a 62% reduction
  • Ranked in the top 5% of all Directors across all Darden concepts in General Manager, Management and Employee engagement ratings
  • Involved directly in working at several new restaurant openings
  • Served as Dallas Division Loss Prevention, Worker’s Compensation, and Public Liability Director overseeing 95 locations in these efforts. Recorded $2.1M in savings, led all of Darden in lowest accident frequency, cost per guest, and recorded zero armed robberies during tenure
  • Served as Political Action Committee member and traveled to both State Capitols as well as Washington, D.C. to meet with various members of both the US House of Representatives and US Senate to discuss multiple issues facing the nation and its economic, taxation, and employment policies
  • Spanish Speaker