Sean Self
Staffing And Recruitment
Founder, CEO Self Opportunity, Inc.

Sean Self is Founder & CEO of Self Opportunity, Inc., an established company providing contemporary recruiting solutions to HR Professionals across the restaurant, sales, medical, technology and accounting industries. Self Opportunity, Inc. offers expertise, support and consulting services in conducting Open Houses, Career Fairs, Candidate Searches, Resumé Sourcing, Executive Placement, Recruitment Advertising, Website Design, Social Media Recruiting Strategies, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and Interactive Recruiting.

After graduating from the University of North Texas, Sean joined the management program at Tia’s Restaurants. Rising through the ranks, he became General Manager of the Year and the youngest Regional Manager in company history. He left Tia’s in 1996 to run Career Direction, leading its transformation to become the premier restaurant career fair company in the United States. Sean launched Self opportunity, Inc. in 2001 in an effort to provide multiple industries with progressive, revolutionary recruiting approaches.

Since 2001, Sean and his team have assisted over 250 of the nation’s top companies—including Brinker, Darden, Chesapeake Energy, Rent-A-Center and Compass Group—to improve recruiting efficiencies and reduce costs-perhire. In recent years, Self Opportunity, Inc. has solidified its transition to serve multiple industries.

Sean speaks regularly at Regional and General Manager Conferences as well as his own company’s conference, Meeting of the Minds, a best practices symposium for the recruitment industry at large. The proceeds from this conference benefit Muscular Dystrophy, a very personal cause. Sean and his eldest son, Harrison (who has Emery-Dreifuss Muscular Dystrophy), speak together around the country to raise awareness for MDA.

Sean is active in his community of Highland Village, TX where he resides with his wife, Kim and sons, Harrison and Hayden.